The people behind Living Better Living Longer are a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds brought together by a common passion and goal – helping our community achieve better health and a better quality of life by sharing simple, proven health and lifestyle principals. We are not pushing or promoting a product or trying to make a profit. Our aim is to support, equip and encourage the people around us to Live Better, Live Longer.

Amongst us are nurses, students, a pharmacist, a banker, and an educator, singles, parents and a grandparent. We have all experienced personally and seen in the lives of those around us, the profound impact that good health (or lack of it!) can have, not just in terms of physical wellbeing but also on your state of mind, quality of relationships and even spiritual wellbeing.

We strongly believe in the interconnected relationship between body, mind and spirit. What supports and strengthens one, supports and strengthens the others. What undermines one, ultimately undermines them all. In our busy, “convenient” western society, our health is under attack from all angles. Real health and enjoyment of life comes when we nurture all three dimensions of a person.

In an age where there is an overwhelming amount of (frequently conflicting) information on health and wellness, ageing, disease prevention, weight loss and weight management, trying to sift out what truly works (and what will continue to work long-term) from what is just the latest fad or profit generating venture, can seem impossible.

Well, here is the good news… there are simple, sensible, practical principals essential to good health that we are excited to share with you. These principals or “Laws of Health” have consistently stood up to the test of science and experience. When put into practice, they will guide you into a healthier, longer, more fulfilling life. They are also an invaluable tool for quickly identifying what will really benefit your health and what will probably just benefit some else’s bank account.

In February 2016, thanks to the sponsorship of the Victoria Park SDA Church, we were thrilled to offer a three part series of information sessions and plant-based cooking demonstrations to introduce some practical and effective lifestyle strategies for Living Better and Living Longer. Whether you are just starting out on your journey to better health or well underway, we are positive you will gain invaluable tools to help you on your way.

Following on from the February series, we hope to establish a community of health conscious people, who will come together once a month to continue to support each other’s commitment to better, longer lives through sharing resources, experiences and knowledge. Each month will look at a different aspect of health and lifestyle with a focus on practical application.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to join us and other members of the Victoria Park and broader community as we discover and share how to Live Better, Live Longer!


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