Dr Ross Grant Health Programs

Dr Ross Grant from Sydney Adventist Hospital will be taking health programs at the Victoria Park Adventist Church.

Dr Grant’s research focusses on characterizing, at the molecular level, how lifestyle and environment (eg emotional stress, diet and exercise) produce changes in the body’s biochemistry that lead toward either health or disease; including oxidative stress, inflammation and changes in metabolism.

Dr Ross grant

Dr Ross Grant will be presenting three different health topics over three consecutive nights;

TOPIC ONE – 01/07/2016 – 7.30pm
“Will we ever find a pill or potion that keeps us alive for ever, or at least a really long time?” – Powerpoint Presentation 1

TOPIC TWO – 02/07/2016 – 2.30pm
“Can we make our brains depression resistant?” – Powerpoint Presentation 2

TOPIC THREE – 03/07/2016 – 9.30am
“Is exercise more important than food?” – Powerpoint Presentation 3 

To find out more about Dr Ross Grant search – http://www.sah.org.au/meet-ross-grant

We look forward to welcoming you at these events.


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