Dr Ross Grant is back in Perth this April 2017 !

We are pleased to advise that Dr Ross Grant will be back in Perth in April 2017.  He will give two lectures/presentations on Saturday 8th April 2017, so make sure you save this date!  Dr Grant will also hold a series of presentations at the Western Australia Seventh Day Adventist Campmeeting on Friday 14th April, Sunday 16 April and Monday 17 April  .

Date: Saturday 8 April 2017


  •  2pm – ‘Lifestyle Links to Enhanced Brain Performance’, and;
  •  4pm –  ‘Caffeine, is it good for young minds?’

Venue: Haydn Williams Lecture Theatre, Curtin University. Enter via Car Park B5 on Brand Drive.


Dr Grant is a Clinical Associate Professor at the Sydney Medical School and the CEO of the Australasian Research Institute at Sydney Adventist Hospital in Sydney, Australia.

Dr Grant’s research focuses on characterizing, at the molecular level, how lifestyle and environment such as emotional stress, diet and exercise, produce changes in the body’s biochemistry that lead toward either health or disease, including oxidative stress, inflammation and changes in metabolism. A practical goal of this research is identification of early subclinical disease (often linked to accelerated aging) enabling effective intervention before irreparable damage to tissue occurs.

The topics Dr Ross will discuss will include:-

  • Why do we age? (AGEs & free radicals)
  • Omega 3 FA: Are we getting enough?
  • What about the bugs in our Gut: Microbiota/probiotics and health
  • Alcohol (is moderate alcohol intake still good for the heart?)
  • Blue zones – Who are the healthiest, longest lived people in the world and why?

Make it a point to come and listen to Dr Grant and hear get expert and well informed advise on these important health topics.

Inquiries: Call Del on 0407 930 518 or email: livingbetterlivelonger@gmail.com

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