Cooking classes will be run the first Sunday of every month, except for the month of January, February and March.

First class back for 2020 is  5th April

Each cooking class will consists of a  guest speaker presenting health topics, cooking demonstrations and recipe tastings!



Sunday 3rd November  “Let Food be your Medicine” The importance of fruit and vegetables in the diet.

Expensive marketing campaigns and a bombardment of ‘health products’ can leave many confused, out of pocket and making poor decisions about their diet.  The common fruits and vegetables receive very little attention when it comes to advertising and promotion. However, science is discovering that these plant foods are indeed more than we give them credit for when it comes to preventing  and healing metabolic or lifestyle diseases. Plants have been shown to reduce the risk of lifestyle disease,  slow down the aging process, improve mental health, and in many case assist in the body’s healing processes. This talk, presented by the health team will discuss reasons why eating more fruit and vegetables may just be one of the best health decisions an individual can make for the new year ahead.



With those warm summery balmy nights approaching the BBQ will once again be in full swing . But what does a plant based eater have to take to a BBQ.  Fired onions and a bun ?  Think again!!. This month we will look at a couple of recipes which can be easily prepared to take along and be part of the social gathering. Who knows, many of your plant based resistant friends and family  may even end up liking them!  A deliciously cool and refreshing ‘ Fruit soup’ to add to any summer gathering is also on offer.

Recipes Tastings

Rosemary & garlic handmade sausages

‘Not’ Chicken kebabs

Creamy potato salad

‘Not’ Feta Greek Salad

Fruit Soup

Fruit platters with carob hummus and pear cream dips






Theses events will be held at Seventh-day Adventist Community Hall Victoria Park.
To book the night that best suits your fancy (or all nights), we recommend to book your placement.
Phone: 0407930518 or Email:
$10 entry fee will be collected at the door.