Cooking classes will be run the first Sunday of every month, except for the month of January and February.

Each cooking class will consists of a professional guest speaker presenting health topics, cooking demonstrations and recipe tastings!



Sunday 2nd June  2019    – 4:00pm to 6:00pm
Oils Aint Oils

Today there is a plethora of vegetable oils available for cooking and adding to dishes, with
claims being made that these are more healthy than fats. However, there are conflicting
claims made about the virtues of some oils over others. This talk will analyse the
constituents and characteristics of oils and fats, and their impact on our health, so more
informed decisions can be made when choosing which to use.

The speaker, Dr Warren Grubb is a microbiologist and an Emeritus Professor at
Curtin University where he taught and researched. He has had published over 130
papers in international peer reviewed journals. On retiring he decided that he wanted
to be around for his grandchildren and has studied the factors that have been found to
contribute to longevity and quality of life and has frequently been invited to share his

Recipes and demonstration

Information Coming Soon

Theses events will be held at Seventh-day Adventist Community Hall Victoria Park.
To book the night that best suits your fancy (or all nights), we recommend to book your placement.
Phone: 0407930518 or Email:
$10 entry fee will be collected at the door.